So who are we? Well, here’s a little information about some of our clan members:

The Ravens Guild shall never bow down to darkness, our light is stronger with us all standing together. We shall not let our enemy tear us apart. We will defeat our enemies once and for all. Ghaul…we’re coming for you” – Becky.


Andre (founder) | Location: The Netherlands | Twitch | Andre is the founder of the clan. He also records, edits and uploads our regular podcasts. Usually a Titan, he does not like quests

Adam | Location: UK | Twitch | Usually a Hunter and armed with a hand cannon. He’s often the first to fall off ledges and into holes. Drinks too much tea.

Bates | Location: UK | Twitch | Bates is the jack of all trades, calm and collected – good with all classes but especially devastating when using a Titan.

Bjorn | Location: The Netherlands | Twitch |  Bjorn usually a Hunter and sings a dodgy song about his beloved Burning Eye scout rifle. His light/power level is usually why we fail.

DirtyDibble | Age: Immortal | Twitch |

Dodson | Location: UK | Twitch | Quiet, but deadly. Dodson favours a Warlock and excels at both PvE and PvP. She can single-handedly win crucible matches – we won’t forget when she destroyed us all during one of our Clan Wars.

Jack | Location: UK | Twitch | Need a Titan for some back up? Jack’s got you covered. He’s usually armed with a auto rifle he’s handy asset to the team.

John/Ian | Location: UK | Twitch | John loves loathes jumping puzzles, usually maining  a Warlock he has been known to steal victory for his team in the crucible during Clan Wars.

Matt | Location: UK | Twitch | Matt is usually a Titan and can be seen sailing down a hole in the floor while using fists of havoc. Good on all game modes, but especially fierce in the Crucible.

Rebecca | Location: UK | Twitch | You’ll hear when Becky is around! She is usually a Hunter and will lead the charge..she’ll also be the first one to hide around the corner.








‘Don’t Let The Darkness Consume You’ – The Ravens Guild